The last few days at City Hall

Only 3 days left and my exhibit will be at it’s end.  I’ll be removing my photos from Gahanna City Hall and helping my great friend put up her wonderful art.  I have to say how humbled I am with this experience.  Having this opportunity has opened my eyes and I’ve learned a great deal.  Plans are already in motion with Gahanna Parks & Rec, Bexley Public Library, and Innis Woods.  People have been so kind and gracious helping me make connections and feeling confident of what I do.  It certainly is enjoyable and I look forward to new photos within the year.  On that note, you can still visit what I’ve done.  Maybe I’ll see you Friday while taking my photos down.  Thank you to all of those for their kind words of encouragement.  I didn’t realize how much people believed in me.  And most, how I could believe in myself.  I am amazed.


Future show?

I’m contemplating doing an exhibit at The Bexley Public Library.  I requested information and received it quickly.  This’ll give me time to think about it.  I may want to get busy taking new photos.  Perhaps I’ll spend the warmer months doing that to ready for a show the first of 2014 OR I could change up the photos that I have, such as matting the photos and getting different frames.  I’ll need to think this over but it’s something to work on anyway. 

Photographic Art Exhibit runs through the month of March

I’d just like to remind everyone that they can visit The Gahanna City Hall through March 30th to view my photographs.  The hours for City Hall run Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm.  The City Hall is closed on weekends.  Please enjoy and feel free to sign my guest book.  I have wonderful feedback and kind words.  Thank you to those who’ve visited already.

Just to catch up a bit

Just to catch up a bit.  Monday, my boss and I made our way over to my exhibit at city hall, where I met two more city workers who gave me their business cards.  The one, who heads up the Parks & Rec websites and Facebook pages asked if I’d like to contribute and submit my park photos.  I was going to inquire about that anyway so it felt nice to be offered.  I have some questions but it’s something I’m willing to do.  That same day, with my bosses encouragement, I ordered business cards.  Simple with my name and contact info.  I’ve never had business cards before.  I honestly didn’t think it’d come to that but glad I was wrong.  I’ve been handing them out to folks that I know.  I’ve placed some at my exhibit.  I’ve received wonderful support and looking at the big picture, I can’t believe it’s happening.  I really didn’t think I’d get this much attention.  But I’m happy I am.

I can’t wait to get out and start snapping.  And I’ve already agreed to start photographing a family.  I keep thinking of all the things I want to do next.  🙂