Getting started with cemetery shots

Just when I first started thinking about getting more involved with the camera, the first shots I would take would be either my pets or….cemetery headstones.  I’ve taken these photos at Greenlawn Cemetery here in Columbus, Ohio and The Lakeview Cemetery in Cleveland, Ohio.   These photos were taken with my little Kodak Easyshare.  I spent the whole day roaming the grounds at Greenlawn.  For me, spirits were high.  The whole time spent there, I felt something around me.  Peaceful but something was there.  I spent Christmas Eve roaming the great land of The Lakeview Cemetery.  The headstones were huge, artful, spiritual, and famous.  I’ll be visiting these sites again and capturing many beautiful, mystical headstones with my Canon.  If you’re wondering about the photos, which cemetery they were taken, their symbolism, or the famous headstones that were taken, please ask.  I’d be happy to tell you what I know.  And if anyone would like to visit a cemetery along with me, you’re more than welcome.

100_0940 600size Cemetery Headstones Greenlawn 2 Angels Greenlawn Angel in color Greenlawn Angel looking down

Greenlawn Angel Marker

Greenlawn Angel Side View in sepia light exposure 600size Greenlawn Angel with Anchor Greenlawn Angel Greenlawn Angled Headstone in color Greenlawn Athens in color Greenlawn Boy Greenlawn Broken Headstone in color Greenlawn Broken Headstone

Greenlawn Bye with effects Greenlawn Canon in color

Greenlawn Celtic Cross Close Up in color Greenlawn Celtic Cross in color

Greenlawn Eliza G. with effects

Greenlawn Flag in color Greenlawn Headstone Temple in color Greenlawn Headstone with Flowers Greenlawn Mary Close Up

Greenlawn Military in color 2 Greenlawn Military in sepia

Greenlawn Moon & Stars in color

Greenlawn Mother & Child looking up into the sky

Greenlawn Old Headstone

Greenlawn Temple Headstone in color 2

Greenlawn Winged Angel

Greenlawn Woman Headstone

Greenlawn Yellow Leaf Tree in color

Lakeview Angel Backside in saturated

Lakeview Angel in soft focus

Lakeview Angel on pedistal

Lakeview Angel with effects

Lakeview Angel

Lakeview Angels Lakeview Dam with effects

Lakeview Garfield

Lakeview Hand To Heart in soft focus

Lakeview Maselium

Lakeview Monument with effects

Lakeview Praying Angel

Lakeview Rockefeller with effects

Lakeview Winged Soldier

Littel Angel

Myrtle Hill Headstone in color


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