Riding the J. T. Evans Bike Trail

I rode 12 miles of the J. T. Evans bike trail on Saturday June 1st as part of the community event, Change Gears.  The event was to bring environmental awareness, pro health, and enjoyment by everyone.  Registration was free.  T-shirts were sold.  I chose to register at the Johnstown registration spot on Jersey Street, off route 37.  The 2 ladies volunteering registration offered me a free t-shirt, water, and snacks.  It’s east to start talking with Johnstown folk as I attended Jr. High and graduated from it’s High School.  While talking with these ladies, we discovered who we knew from when I went to school.  Johnstown folk always know somebody.  While we were talking, they were also interested that I was going to take some photographs and asked if I would share.  Why, of course I would!

I would like to encourage anyone to get the bike out and visit.  It’s a nice trail that extends from Johnstown to Alexandria to Granville and to Newark.  And this year, the trail is being repaired and it looks and feels great.  Check out the link I’m inserting.  Enjoy my photos.  And let me know if you get to ride the trail.



I just started riding and not even a mile in and I thought I’d take a picture of the blacktopped part of the trail.  A lot of green, sun, and wind for my first long ride of the year.


You will cross quite a few bridges on the trail.  This being the first big one.  I decided to stop and look down the country road.


Another bridge.  A place for me to take a water break.


Many residents have a pathway leading to the trail or a driveway crossing the trail.  This residence is a huge Buckeye fan.  They have a Buckeye bench for your rest.


One of the rest stops along the trail that I must rest is Reeves Farm.  There is a bench and I love to just sit and look out over the field and the farm houses.  Although there is no shade along this part, I don’t mind.


There are all likes of fun transportation along the trail.  I kind of wished I had this guys ride.


My last stop before heading back.  I knew heading back was going to be a slight incline all the way and with the sun and the wind, it would wear on me.  Plus, I wasn’t used to biking with a double bag on my back rack which added weight.  I did get a work out but I thoroughly enjoy the scenery.


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