For The Love Of Bees!

Bee photo shoot at Innis Woods in Westerville, Oh.

Bee photo shoot at Innis Woods in Westerville, Oh.


Getting started with cemetery shots

Just when I first started thinking about getting more involved with the camera, the first shots I would take would be either my pets or….cemetery headstones.  I’ve taken these photos at Greenlawn Cemetery here in Columbus, Ohio and The Lakeview Cemetery in Cleveland, Ohio.   These photos were taken with my little Kodak Easyshare.  I spent the whole day roaming the grounds at Greenlawn.  For me, spirits were high.  The whole time spent there, I felt something around me.  Peaceful but something was there.  I spent Christmas Eve roaming the great land of The Lakeview Cemetery.  The headstones were huge, artful, spiritual, and famous.  I’ll be visiting these sites again and capturing many beautiful, mystical headstones with my Canon.  If you’re wondering about the photos, which cemetery they were taken, their symbolism, or the famous headstones that were taken, please ask.  I’d be happy to tell you what I know.  And if anyone would like to visit a cemetery along with me, you’re more than welcome.

100_0940 600size Cemetery Headstones Greenlawn 2 Angels Greenlawn Angel in color Greenlawn Angel looking down

Greenlawn Angel Marker

Greenlawn Angel Side View in sepia light exposure 600size Greenlawn Angel with Anchor Greenlawn Angel Greenlawn Angled Headstone in color Greenlawn Athens in color Greenlawn Boy Greenlawn Broken Headstone in color Greenlawn Broken Headstone

Greenlawn Bye with effects Greenlawn Canon in color

Greenlawn Celtic Cross Close Up in color Greenlawn Celtic Cross in color

Greenlawn Eliza G. with effects

Greenlawn Flag in color Greenlawn Headstone Temple in color Greenlawn Headstone with Flowers Greenlawn Mary Close Up

Greenlawn Military in color 2 Greenlawn Military in sepia

Greenlawn Moon & Stars in color

Greenlawn Mother & Child looking up into the sky

Greenlawn Old Headstone

Greenlawn Temple Headstone in color 2

Greenlawn Winged Angel

Greenlawn Woman Headstone

Greenlawn Yellow Leaf Tree in color

Lakeview Angel Backside in saturated

Lakeview Angel in soft focus

Lakeview Angel on pedistal

Lakeview Angel with effects

Lakeview Angel

Lakeview Angels Lakeview Dam with effects

Lakeview Garfield

Lakeview Hand To Heart in soft focus

Lakeview Maselium

Lakeview Monument with effects

Lakeview Praying Angel

Lakeview Rockefeller with effects

Lakeview Winged Soldier

Littel Angel

Myrtle Hill Headstone in color

Riding the J. T. Evans Bike Trail

I rode 12 miles of the J. T. Evans bike trail on Saturday June 1st as part of the community event, Change Gears.  The event was to bring environmental awareness, pro health, and enjoyment by everyone.  Registration was free.  T-shirts were sold.  I chose to register at the Johnstown registration spot on Jersey Street, off route 37.  The 2 ladies volunteering registration offered me a free t-shirt, water, and snacks.  It’s east to start talking with Johnstown folk as I attended Jr. High and graduated from it’s High School.  While talking with these ladies, we discovered who we knew from when I went to school.  Johnstown folk always know somebody.  While we were talking, they were also interested that I was going to take some photographs and asked if I would share.  Why, of course I would!

I would like to encourage anyone to get the bike out and visit.  It’s a nice trail that extends from Johnstown to Alexandria to Granville and to Newark.  And this year, the trail is being repaired and it looks and feels great.  Check out the link I’m inserting.  Enjoy my photos.  And let me know if you get to ride the trail.


I just started riding and not even a mile in and I thought I’d take a picture of the blacktopped part of the trail.  A lot of green, sun, and wind for my first long ride of the year.


You will cross quite a few bridges on the trail.  This being the first big one.  I decided to stop and look down the country road.


Another bridge.  A place for me to take a water break.


Many residents have a pathway leading to the trail or a driveway crossing the trail.  This residence is a huge Buckeye fan.  They have a Buckeye bench for your rest.


One of the rest stops along the trail that I must rest is Reeves Farm.  There is a bench and I love to just sit and look out over the field and the farm houses.  Although there is no shade along this part, I don’t mind.


There are all likes of fun transportation along the trail.  I kind of wished I had this guys ride.


My last stop before heading back.  I knew heading back was going to be a slight incline all the way and with the sun and the wind, it would wear on me.  Plus, I wasn’t used to biking with a double bag on my back rack which added weight.  I did get a work out but I thoroughly enjoy the scenery.

My first wildlife photo session

On Sunday May 19 of this year, I had the joy of going on my first wildlife photo session at the Ohio Nature Education Center located at 10380 Fairview Rd, Neward, Oh 43056. O.N.E., is a private non-profit volunteer organization which provides a home for wild animals that can no longer live in the wild. The organization provides education to communities. I paid $50 for this 3 hour session and the proceeds went to food for the animals. It was more than worth it and I look forward to doing it again. Animals were presented for different levels of photographers. The animals posed with experience and they gave me the opportunity to see just how beautiful they are. Along with taking over 700 photos, I also learned a bit about each animal. Take interest in this wonderful organization. Please contact O.N.E at 740-323-0520. Enjoy my photos and by all means, make comments or ask questions.


Taking photos of this guy will be a “snap”, right?  I knew I didn’t want just any turtle photo so I sprawled out in the damp grass and waited while adjusting my setting to continuous frame mode.  You think turtles are slow but this guy, for one thing, didn’t want to stay put on the log.  And so he climbed down and away he went!  His little legs moving him right along!  I was lucky enough to catch him yawning.  To me, when I look at this photo, it makes me happy because in my eyes, he’s laughing.

Scarlet Red Tailed Hawk

Scarlet, the Red Tailed Hawk.  What a beautiful sight!  She was perched on the fence post all proud and serious.  My camera couldn’t stop taking photos of her.  You will see a few different shots of her.  She was happy to pose for everyone.  If you stood 5 feet from her like I did, you would be in spectacular awe.



Scarlets Wings

Mrs. Manon, the lady who heads up and does so much for the organization, would hold Scarlet up and ease her down, causing her wings to span out.  It was amazing to everyone there.   Mrs. Manon’s arms grew tired.

Rusty Red Phased Screech

Rusty, the Red Phased Screech Owl was a little intense guy.  It took me a bit to get him to look at the lens.  Something on his left kept catching his eye.  After a time, Rusty became a little uneasy and he let his handler know it.  I did manage to shoot off continuously.  The intensity of owls eyes fascinates me and I understand why their eyesight is so powerful.




What a beautiful, colorful bird.  This is Falco, a Kestrel/Falcon.  Falco sat so pretty, ready for everyone’s camera.

Falco Kestrel Falcon

Falco with a beautiful wingspan just for the cameras.  A bird with experience.  Falco worked it!

Raleigh Barred Owl

Raleigh, a Barred Owl was quite a character posing on his tree branch.   All of us photographers were thinking of ways to catch his intense stare by stomping our foot on the ground.  And we also came up with interesting angles as some of us laid under him, pointing our lenses up towards him…without rousing him up.  There’s nothing like the feeling of an owl looking down on you.  It’s somewhat spooky and gentle at the same time.


Raleigh looks out and beyond while I lay beneath his sight.


Otis, the Grey Phased Screech Owl couldn’t get enough shots from me.  He seems intense and powerful on his tree branch even though he’s a little guy.  Catching his eye was something us photographers longed for and stamping our feet certainly got his attention.  A few times, my lens caught his second eye lid.  He mesmerized us all.  Such an incredible bird!

Otis Grey Screech Owl


Hibou Great Horned Owl

Hibou, the Great Horned Owl was my first bird in the session.  At first, I moved slow and adjusted my lens.  The incredible presence of Hibou left me wanting to just be silent and watch.  Forget the camera.  I felt a peacefulness standing there until I remembered why I was there.  Hibou was aware of everything and everyone.  And the closer I could be, the more of Hibou’s intense stare I got.  These animals are breathtaking.



I want to encourage everyone who has viewed these photos and read the captions to take interest in this organization.  It does so much good and gives so much.  Please visit or call O.N.E.  Donate to this organization.  It is worth your money and worth their time.

All of my photos are available for purchase and you may also enjoy all of the photos taken on my flickr page.  Please share your interest and ideas with me.


Three Daisies

Three Daisies

I kept thinking these were more like Black Eyed Susans. Please correct me if I’m ever wrong on my floral photographs. I didn’t use any special lens or technique. The flowers just played right along. Sometimes it’s easy to position your camera right on top of an object or sometimes not. And sometimes you don’t need a high end camera. This was taken with my little Kodak Easy Share in 2010. I used the focus setting to clearly enhance the object in the center and blur the outer objects. These flowers give me a warm, fuzzy feeling.


Fallen Leaf

Fallen Leaf

This photo was taken at a nearby park at the start of fall 2011. A colored leaf stood out and caught my eye. Since taking photographs, I’ve yet to obtain expensive software. I did use a tool to soften the edges around the leaf but that’s as far as the editing has gone. No moisture adhered itself to my lens.




This was chosen for my work art show of 2013 by a juried vote.
I love taking photos of flowers. What photographer doesn’t really? I look for the soft, intricate detail of color and petals. Unfortunately, I don’t have a green thumb. Therefore, I cannot give the correct title and description of this photo. It is beautiful with it’s soft and vibrant color. I captured just the right amount of shadowing that makes the edges of the petals dimensional.
Please email me if you would like to purchase a print.


Winter Tree

Winter Tree

This photo was taken at Friendship Park in Gahanna in the Winter of 2013. I took this while out on a first snow of the season hike. The tree stopped me in my tracks and I couldn’t take the picture quick enough as I thought the snow would disappear. Amazingly, I took this with my cell phone and many admire the look. Please email if you would like to purchase this print.